Famous Paintings recreated as Food Photography by Tatiana Shkondina

Leading Russian food- photographer and stylist Tatiana Shkondina recreates famous paintings with edible products that we use at kitchen on daily basis. Each photo required a lot of research in material and post-production that was made by Alex Tivanov.


Wassily Kandinsky. Fruits and Berries
100% 1

Pablo Picasso. Pasta and spices
0% 2

Vincent Van Gogh. Peppers, lentils
100% 3

Vincent Van Gogh. Wild rice, grapes, pasta, rice
0% 4

Piet Mondrian. Watermelon, cheese, yoghurt, chocolate
100% 5

Salvador Dali
0% 6

Kazemir Malevich. Black caviar for Black Square
0% 7

Gustav Klimt. Pasta and veggies
100% 8

Hokusai. Salmon, rice and cha
0% 9

Rene Magritte. Fruits and Veggies
100% 10

Andy Warhol. Cabbages (in Russia “cabbage” means piles of banknotes)
0% 11

Andy Warhol. Brussel Cabbage
0% 12


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